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About Sri

Śri is a by-appointment gallery specializing in Japanese folk textiles. Located in Brooklyn, New York.  Śri shows a wide range of the textile genres from old Japan, including a deep inventory of boro textiles and garments, Meiji Era shibori textiles, tsutsugaki, katazome, kasuri and sashiko stitched textiles. Śri also maintains carefully curated inventories of antique and vintage Korean textiles and antique and contemporary Indian textiles.

Have a look at our website: www.srithreads.com–and always feel free to contact us to inquire further on what you have read here, if you would like to learn more about anything we’ve posted or if you would like to stop by and visit our gallery.

Most of the textiles we show on this site are from our personal collection, but some pieces are available; do let us know if you see something of interest.

Here’s more about us:

18 Eckford Street, #8
Brooklyn, NY 11222
telephone: +1-718-599-2559
fax: +1-718-599-3785
e mail: [email protected]



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