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A Boro Noragi: Interesting Inside and Out

Written on August 7, 2013

BoroNoragi1bVery often in considering a boro garment or textile we admire its patching and mending: the patches and mending were originally intended to be hidden from view, so we generally look only at one side of a boro textile. This noragi, beautiful inside and out, is an exception.  Okay, its inside is shown in the photo above, but have a look at is out side, below: it’s still very beautiful, isn’t it?

BoroNoragi1aThe same is true of its two front views shown below.  Both the inside and the outside have visual merits of their own.

BoroNoragi1This is a fantastic piece.  It probably dates to the early-to-mid twentieth century, although the base cloth, the indigo dyed cotton of the bodice of the coat, is probably older than, say, the sleeves.  Sleeves tended to be taken on and off, or replaced, over time.

BoroNoragi1cThe noragi measures 33″ x 55 3/4″ or  83 cm x 142 cm.



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