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A Super Subtle Very Sashiko Stitched Work Coat: Kagasuri

Written on January 21, 2012

I really like this work jacket but I was wondering if I should post images of it.  I thought that in photos the dark indigo cotton cloth too murkily masks the subtle details of the jacket: the details are easier to see in person.The coat is densely stitched with tiny stitches of dark blue threads on a dark blue background.  In photos this is a bit lost, but in daylight, when standing in front of the piece, this detail is beautifully evident.  In the photos posted here, any slight undulation to the surface of the coat is due to the countless stitches which hold the two or three layers of cotton cloth together, making this a durable, warm garment.Add to that, the cloth on the exterior of the garment is something special, it’s referred to as mosquito kasuri or kagasuri: the intersections of white, resisted areas of the warp and weft yarns are as tiny as mosquitoes.  Imagine the great skill needed to weave such a delicate pattern.The interior of the coat, below, with its lighter color, shows a bit more evidence of the coat’s stitching–and many hand tied knots can be seen.The lining, too, is of kagasuri–and the entire coat is made of recycled cloth.When looking at the coat head-on, as in the first photo shown, above, the bold placement of the central patch on the back of the jacket is a visual treat, and is one of the things that tempted me to acquire this softspoken beauty.  And the color, the rich, sapphire blue was hard to resist.

Most likely this dates to the early-to-middle part of the 20th century and measures 44″ x 49″ or 112 x 124.5 cm.



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  1. Comment by paula:

    oh you praise hound you! ^o^

    but of course it comes through in the pics. even tho i start scratching at the very mention of the word mosquito, the piecing, gradation in color, and stitching come through wonderfully.

    should you be snowbound there, surely you will stay toasty wrapped in this treasure.

    waving from melting seattle…

    January 21, 2012 @ 9:06 pm

  2. Comment by olga thorleifsdottir:

    Beutiful website, tanks

    March 20, 2013 @ 4:14 pm