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Seven Very Good Sakabukuro

Written on September 25, 2011

For me, it’s always sort of a big deal to find very good sakabukuro, cotton bags which are saturated with kaki shibu or green persimmon tannin which were used to filter sake during the process of making it.  Good bags, ones with rich color, age, and mending, as can be seen on these, are harder and harder to come by.  It’s gratifying to have this group of seven.By looking at the various shades of stitching, you can tell if the bag was overdyed, mended, overdyed, mended again.  The photo below shows this very well.
Some of these mending stitches look like scars, especially the one above.This group is probably from the 1930s or so.  After the war, newer methods of sake production began, so the use of this kind of hand stitched, cotton bags became obsolete.  Now, as you know, they are very collectible.

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  1. Comment by Shin Mi Ryeo:

    absolutely mind bogglingly stunning. each one a work of art. thank you for these. love the concept of scars.

    September 25, 2011 @ 1:17 pm