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A Decorative, Knotted Apron: Indigo Dyed Cotton Twine

Written on December 30, 2010

I guess you could call this apron a work of macrame as it is created by knotting indigo dyed, cotton cord to create a decorative pattern, in this case, repeated, elongated rectangles.The apron is backed with white cotton, and most likely this was worn while participating in a festival, perhaps as an accessory to a hanten or happi, a kind of decorated coat worn either for work, or when one is part of a celebratory group during a religious or seasonal festival.The apron is small; it measures 28″ x 15″ or 71 cm x 38 cm, and the intricacy of the knotted work is beautifully executed.

The crisscross attachment of the apron’s belt uses a customary Japanese stitch, and, like the knotted work, is not only beautifully done, but adds a lovely decorative element to the garment.Wonderfully lush, long, tangled fringes, below.


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