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A Mess of Antique Arimatsu Shibori

Written on March 24, 2010

Well, not a mess, exactly, but there are some fine lengths of cloth amid this scattered group of late nineteenth, early twentieth century indigo dyed cottons.GroupShib1Most of these hand spun, hand woven, shibori dyed cottons are fragments from yukatas or a kind of unlined, casual cotton kimono.GroupShib1aIn the photo, below, you will a corner of kumo or spiderweb shibori peeking out from behind a pale indigo sample of stitched and tied shibori that is created to show the tatewaku or rising steam motif.GroupShib1bThe fragment with the delicate, broken stripes was created by first pleating the fabric before vat dyeing it.  The flower forms were dyed using a second process, either by clamping or by stenciling.GroupShib1cThis is a beautiful array and I will be offering some of these on my website over time.GroupShib1d

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  1. Comment by Darlene:

    I’ve done a little bit of dyeing. All I can say is that this is masterful work!

    March 26, 2010 @ 7:32 am

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