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Pipalbot Outpost Market–Elegant, Luxurious, Everyday Accessories from Nepal through Christmas Eve

Written on December 19, 2009

Every day, until Christmas Eve, at a light-filled showroom in New York’s East Village, Shane Powers is showing his collection of gorgeous accessories for the home and to wear—most of them designed by him in Nepal, some others the designs of friends.  All of them exquisite.
Pipalbot Outpost Market is located at 604 East 11th Street and is open daily from 11 – 6 through 24 December and by appointment from       28-31 December.  718-594-2324 if you have questions.

Shane uses an alchemist’s magic to transform traditional Nepalese brass hand craft into stunning, modern, table accessories.

And of course there’s cashmere…and more.

It’s all one-of-a-kind and quantities are limited— and you won’t be able to walk away without finding something you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.

pipalbot outpost market


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