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Some Photos of Interesting Textiles and Objects at Sri Showroom

Written on April 12, 2009

I thought I would show some wonderful photos of my collection and showroom which were taken by my friend, Lyn Hughes, a superb
New York- based photographer whose skills cut across boundaries: she photographs interiors, food, Broadway shows, travel,  large-scale public events, portraits and weddings.  Have a look at Lyn Hughes’ website here. If you go to the homepage of my website, here, you’ll see more of Lyn’s work.


Below is a shot I composed: it shows a group of zokin or stitched, recycled ‘dustrags’ arranged contiguously.


Below is a shima cho, or an antique book of weaving samples; it most likely dates to the 19th century.  I like the way Lyn used a special lens to create the distortion on this photo.






Below are two antique Indian copper vessels; they are for use in Hindu rituals and they are in the shape of the yoni,  or the female generative organ.   These vessels are used “to bathe” with water an image of god while shlokas or prayers are being uttered.   Keeping in mind that Lord Shiva, one of the great gods, is represented at times as a lingam or phallus, it should stand to reason that his counterpart would come in to play during ritual oblations, as so much of Eastern philosophy relies on dual aspects, usually represented as “male” and “female.”  For example, in Hindu belief,  god is “powerless” without the enlivening energy or shakti of his goddess, and likewise, the power of a goddess is inert without her consort.

Soon I will be offering for sale about three of these vessels from my collection.  I find them very beautiful.


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