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A Beautiful Bowl by Naoto Ishii

Written on October 6, 2008

This past spring, when I was in Japan, I went with a group of friends deep into Kyoto Prefecture to Kyotanba, to visit a young potter, Naoto Ishii.  Ishii-san’s sensibility and ceramics are just perfect: this piece, shown here, was offered to me by Ishii-san when we were viewing his kiln: this pot, set aside on a tall set of shelves next to the kiln, was a ‘reject’ that I found beautiful.  What a wondeful gift!

Ishii-san and his wife, Sumiko, live in a farmhouse, and it is one of the most beautiful homes I’ve seen. Ishii-san’s wife is a sylist working in magazine editorial and her touch in transforming this home into a sanctuary of wabi-sabi perfection is quite evident.

Ishii-san loves Korean art and objects and we were shown some of his impressive Korean ceramics and his wonderful, antique pojagi collection, including a stunning grey piece.  Moreover, we were also treated a view into his private collection of ancient Japanese ceramics, including an exquisite, elaborate Jomon small bowl.


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