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A Group of Sakiori Obis and Miura Shibori

November 7, 2012

When I was in Japan last month, I found a good group of sakiori obis.

When I go on buying trips, I never know what I’m going to find, and that I found a nice assortment of these ragweave kimono sashes was a good thing.  Of course, with the dollar being lower than it’s ever been and the yen being astronomically high, this material is more expensive than ever, but I couldn’t resist.  They were there.  I had to have them.  And they’re all in good condition.  I’ll be offering them on the webshop over time.

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A Group of Thickly Textured Folk Obis

May 22, 2012

Notice I didn’t entitle this post “A Group of Sakiori Obis.”  At first glance this kind of thickly woven, richly textured obi is assumed to be made of ragweave (called sakiori).  Often such obis are of ragweave, but you have to look closer to see if this is the case.Among this group there are obis with a cotton warp and a rag weft.  But in other cases thick yarn is used to feed the weft, which gives the appearance that the obi is sakiori.And in the case of the white and orange obi, above, this is woven from a warp of silk or rayon (probably rayon) and a weft of paper.  Like most of these obis, the paper weft obi dates to the mid twentieth century.This is a  nice group–and they look good together.

I’ve sold a few from the original group which I found in March in Japan, and I will be offering these on the webshop over time.    As I rarely see affordable and attractive sakiori-style obis in Japan anymore, I was quite pleased to have come upon this many good looking obis.

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