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An Intricately Sashiko Stitched Maekake

July 25, 2011

A few weeks ago I showed a pair of fantastic, sashiko stitched tabi which were sitting on a very good, sashiko stitched maekake.  I’m showing that maekake today.
The pattern is a unusual: it’s a web of diamonds, the kaku shippo or “angled seven treasures” motif.The stitching is tight and the stitches are very small.  This maekake, or traditional apron, dates to the mid twentieth century or so–and it is in very good condition.

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A Beautifully Rustic Sashiko Stitched Apron

May 4, 2011

As those who dip into this blog from time to time know, I love traditional Japanese aprons.   Today I’m showing a rustic and beautifully sashiko stitched example.
This is a country apron made of a base of pieced cottons that has been heavily sashiko stitched.  The apron is sitting on a sashiko stitched kotasugake, or a hearth cover.  I estimate that each of these sashiko textiles dates to the mid twentieth century or so.The apron measures 24″ x 17″ or 61 cm x 43 cm–and I just love it.Isn’t this simply beautiful?

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An Artfully Patched Boro Maekake

February 5, 2011

In my previous post, directly below this one, I mentioned that I love old, traditional, Japanese aprons.  Well, here’s another one, very different from the sashiko stitched piece shown in the last post–and this one is smashing.

This is an indigo dyed cotton maekake or apron, the patching and stitching are superbly beautiful, as you can easily see.

The tight tonal range of the blues really enhances the enjoyment of the arrangement of patches.  The fine weave of the mending cotton against the thick weave of the base cloth enriches the visual experience.

The back of the apron, shown below, is quite different from the front, yet it has a striking and subtle presence.

The apron measures 27″ x 24″ or 68.5 cm x 61.

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