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An Elaborately Stencil Resist Dyed Peacock: Katazome

February 15, 2014

Peacock1When I first saw these three panels from a futon cover I thought the large, multi-toned indigo dyed image was a phoenix; having a better look it was clear that this image is a peacock, an image not often seen on folk textiles.

Peacock1aThe peacock was resist dyed, possibly using a set of stencils, the technique is called katazome.  Or, maybe, this image was made using a combination of katazome with a free hand resist dyeing technique called tsutsugaki.  And what a complex image this is–and what a large one, too.  The peacock itself measures 27″ x 32″, 68.5 cm x 81 cm.

Peacock1bThe three panels are taken from a futon cover and as you can see by the wonderful fading on the indigo dyed cotton, this futonji was used hard.

Peacock1cThe level of detail on this piece is just fantastic–it’s a beautifully realized rendering.

Peacock1dIt probably dates to the late nineteenth century and its overall dimensions are 71″ x 37 1/2″ or 180.5 cm x 95 cm.  I will be listing this for sale on the webshop in the next few weeks.




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A Beautifully Patched Boro Futon Cover: Katazome Cotton

April 25, 2013

BoroFutonji3It’s been too long since I’ve last posted here, the reason being that I returned from Japan with a lot of antique Japanese folk textiles I found on my buying trip, and getting them all ready to show is time consuming.

I’ll be rolling out these new items on the webshop, with a good line-up to be shown this coming Wednesday, May 1 at 11 AM NY time.

BoroFutonji3aShown here is a wonderfully patched, large boro futon cover I just found on my trip.  The combination of the geometric katazome cloth overlaid by the random–and many–patches is gorgeous.  I was really happy when I found this one.

BoroFutonji3bThe indigo dyed cotton background shows a repeat pattern of hexagons or kikko, the traditional tortoiseshell pattern.   This design conveys a wish for long life.

BoroFutonji3cThe hand loomed cotton is gauzy, very soft and drapey.  The color is a beautifully faded indigo, softened from decades of wear.

BoroFutonji3dThe size is nice.  It’s 60″ x 48″ or 152.5 cm x 122 cm and it probably dates to the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.


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