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A Very Large Hemp Bag from the Meiji Era

September 20, 2011

For some time I’ve been wanting to offer this large, hemp bag on the webshop but I knew that its giant size wouldn’t read properly without a reference to scale.  So I am showing it here.
The bag measures 58″ x 31″ or 147.5 cm x 79 cm as shown.  It shows vertical rows of hand drawn kanji, and it is made from wonderfully rustic, hand plied, hand woven hemp fabric.There are some holes, some repairs and some overall wear.  I’m not sure what the original purpose of the bag was.  It dates from the Meiji era (1868-1912).The bag is heavy from the sheer quantity of hand plied hemp yarn used to weave the cloth that was used to create this bag.  Of course the bag is hand stitched.The top of the bag is finished, but there was no drawstring to pull it closed.

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