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Rugs of Repurposed Material: The Boucherouite Rugs of Rural Morocco at Cavin-Morris Gallery, NYC

May 27, 2010

Through July 2, Cavin-Morris Gallery in New York City is exhibiting rugs from rural Morocco which are woven from repurposed materials.   Boucherouite refers to a form of rag from rural areas of Morocco created from wool and cotton, along with synthetic fibers such as Lurex, Nylon and plastic, all of which are incorporated into these stunning and original contemporary rugs.

The free-form composition of these rugs, all woven by women are, as Cavin-Morris Gallery says “a liberation from tradition, while at the same time that they uphold it.  But there are no rules, and there is no way to look at a rug, and pinpoint exactly where it comes from.  They are Pan-Moroccan.”

Cavin Morris Gallery explains that “the rugs are woven in a creative, improvisatory style by the weavers whose choice of colors and textures gives the rugs the feeling of painting.  They are a new cultural form created from necessity meeting personal aesthetics. ”

The rugs range in price from $1500 to $3000; the sizes are in a wide range from that of a prayer rug to twice or three times that.

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