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A Niko-Niko Kasuri Child’s Kimono: Toddler Size

Written on December 22, 2012

NikoNikoChildsKimono01a This very wonderful, very worn, very small cotton kimono measures 21″ x 20″ or 53.25 cm x 50.75 cm.  It dates from approximately the 1930s.

NikoNikoChildsKimono01The kimono is hand stitched from a commercially produced kasuri or ikat cotton called Niko-Niko.  This kind of faux-kasuri is really faux: the cloth was commercially printed to mimic the look of true kasuri cloth.  This kind of cotton was very popular in Japan in the 1930s.

NikoNikoChildsKimono01bThe image on this kimono is just charming.  It seems that the cloth is imprinted with a repeating design of pigeons and chrysanthemums.  The scale of the print in proportion to the very small kimono is delightful to see.

NikoNikoChildsKimono01cThe collar area and a patch on the back of this tiny robe are of actual, hand woven kasuri cotton, and this contrast is very subtle and beautiful.

NikoNikoChildsKimono01dSeeing this very small kimono in person is endearing: it is so small, it is so well-worn, it is so shabby that we know that the child who wore this kimono was certainly not of means.   We can also speculate that the child had few other garments, if any.

A really charming piece of children’s clothing from old Japan.

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  1. Comment by Susi:

    Lovely child’s kimono! I am just learning about shibori and other Japanese textiles. Your blog is very helpful and has the most wonderful photos.

    December 22, 2012 @ 3:15 pm

  2. Comment by Sjo:

    Great pictures

    January 3, 2013 @ 6:15 am