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Textures and Neutrals: Sakiori and Hemp

Written on June 8, 2012

I think that we can all agree that one of the great allures of Japanese folk textiles is their texture, their warmth from human wear, and their unassuming beauty.   Without much forethought or planning, I set up this display in the showroom and I was struck by its beautiful mixture of textures and neutrals.Of course with Japanese folk textiles one doesn’t need to work hard to create beauty: the intrinsic beauty of the textiles calls out on its own.In the massive, hand hewn wooden bowl used for mixing soba flour I have place a roll of cotton warp, cotton weft sakiori (top left) similar to this one, an old piece of repaired, undyed hemp (top right), and on the bottom are two unmade sakiori sodenashi a sodenashi being a sleeveless work  jacket, this one having a hemp warp and a cotton weft.I like the tight spectral range and the rich textures of these pieces.  You can almost feel them without touching them.



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