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Children of Hiroshima: A Film by Kaneto Shindo

Written on May 4, 2011

In a previous posting I mentioned that the Brooklyn Academy of Music is hosting a retrospective of the films of Kaneto Shindo.

As Shindo is a native of Hiroshima, many of his films concern the decimation of his city by an atom bomb dropped on 6 August 1945 by the United States Air Forces.  His film, Children of Hiroshima, is a dramatic reflection on its aftermath.

I’m showing a clip from this moving film, here.  The reason I am doing so is to show actors wearing boro clothing, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to share these images and to see boro clothing in situ, more or less.

Please keep in mind that in the context of this film these actors are destitute because of complications of bombing, and they are wearing rags because they’ve lost everything due to this horrific event–and the scene shown here is fraught with sadness.  Of course this is a different scenario from farmers, fisherman and other rural people who wore boro garments on a daily basis–I just wanted to make this clear.


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