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Balls of Hemp and Cotton Fiber

Written on June 22, 2010

Today I’m showing five really lovely balls of fiber–three of hemp and two of what appear to be cotton that has been dipped in kaki shibu, or the tannin extracted from bitter, green persimmons.

I always love to find threads in this state, and this group of five looks really lovely: the balls range in size from 4″/ 10 cm in diameter to 2″/ 5 cm in diameter.The texture of the hemp filaments is taut and wiry.  The cotton appears very similar to the hemp–probably due to the kaki shibu dye– however its texture is a bit softer and more pliable.

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  1. Comment by velma bolyard:

    wonderful. nice to see it there all ready to be woven.

    June 22, 2010 @ 5:29 pm