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Three Fine, Vintage Temari in Sunlight

Written on September 27, 2009

I’ve posted on temari before, but I was compelled to show this trio, which I think is handsome—and which looks so good catching strong, warm sunlight.

Temari as they were originally conceived were balls wound from leftover threads; they were meant to be enchanting amusements for children, and very often the heart of the ball would contain a small note of auspicious content for the child, or sometimes a little bell would be at the center of the ball.


Today temari have evolved into a less homey production than in the early days, and now many hobbyists and artisans around the world enjoy making temari, some of them showcasing designs that are quite accomplished, complex, flashy and non-traditional.


These temari with their very bold, geometric designs probably date to the mid-twentieth century or slightly earlier, and they are made of cotton threads.  And they’re beautiful.

I’ll be offering them on my website later this year, but do inquire if you are interested.

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